Helen Elizabeth Faucit

Brilliant and talented Doctor from the upper class of society

Vitality 2
Coordination 3
Wit 3
Intellect 4
Charm 3
Will 2
Prowess 6
Actions 2
Affliction: Rank
Affliction: Anhedonia Rank: 1
Affliction: Twisted Rank: 1
Alchemy 3
Medicine 4
*Legally Sanctioned – The Doctor has been legally sanctioned to
conduct experiments into the outlawed sciences. The legal terms of his experiments are very strict but enable him to carry out his work without the threat of arrest. The character will be sanctioned to carry out experiments in genetic engineering or alchemical or galvanic reanimation. Despite the legal authority to carry out his experiments, the character still must take care to avoid drawing attention to himself. If his activities are brought to light, they will certainly prove embarrassing for the government agency that sanctioned them. The resulting scandal would, at very least, end the arrangement by which the character carries out his experiments. The exact details of the character’s legal status should be worked out by the player and the Narrator prior to the start of the game. This Stunt must be taken at the time the character is created.
*Credentials – The character is a well-respected man of science. He can expect to be permitted entrance to any hospital, school, library, or research facility he deigns to visit—day or night. Few men in his field would refuse to meet him in person, and his correspondence
will never go unanswered. He can count on receiving advice or opinions from his peers if requested. Should the character maintain his good name, his reputation will draw wealthy patients to him. Of course if the character involves himself in scandal, his credentials will be worthless. When dealing with his peers, the Doctor can add his Medicine Skill to Charm – Credibility rolls.
*Chemist – The character is an alchemical adept. He can re-roll failed Alchemy rolls pertaining to manufacturing drugs or alchemical solutions. Each failed roll can be rerolled only once as a result of Chemist.
*Life Bringer – The Doctor is adept at the creation of life itself, having acquired considerable skill in the creation of Anathema and Homunculi. The doctor may reroll failed rolls to create life (see Manufactured Life, pages 272 –279). Failed rolls can be re-rolled only once due to Life Bringer.
*Healer: The doctor is skilled at the art of convalessing a patient. Those treated under his care heal in half the time if treated every day.
Etiquette 3
Language: Latin 2
Parapsychology 3
Psychology 3
Thermatology 3
Natural Science 2
Rifles: Fast Aim; Prefered Syringe Rifle 2
Concentration 2
Pistols: Fast Aim; Fast Draw 2
Experience Points
8 – Good sized home in Kensington, with large private library; has a maid, valet, and driver; earns no less than 200s (£10) per week, 140-180s (£7-£9) goes towards expenses
£9; 12s; 4d
Medical valise containing the tools of his trade
Small wardrobe of respectable clothes
1 fine suit of clothes
1 fine brass respirator (decorative, mostly leather, plague doctor mask)
Doctors begin with Wealth 7. The Doctor begins with £40 that may be spent on weapons, Armour, and equipment. Up to £10 may be kept as savings.
Resolve – The character has become accustomed to the horrors of the Neo-Victorian world and possesses a steely resolve. When the character fails a Will – Fear roll, he is shaken but does not make a second roll (see page 161).
Bad Tasting – There is something about the character that is unappealing to animates and vampires. An animate will always go after some other nearby target first, but if the character is the only living creature in the vicinity, animates will grudgingly attack him. Sentient vampires would never deign to feed on the character, but feral vampires may just kill him to avoid his stench in the future. Bad Tasting cannot be taken by half-lifers.
(1) Wealth – Raises wealth by 1 point per rank
(5) Private Lab – The character owns or has access to a private laboratory. Though the lab comes fully equipped, the character will have to purchase chemicals and supplies. The player and the Narrator should determine the specifics of the character’s laboratory prior to the start of the game.
(4) Savant – Destined for greatness, the character possesses one of the keenest minds of his time. His capacity to understand the sciences dwarfs even the brightest among his peers. A character with the Savant Quality can have Academic Skills with ratings 1 higher than his Intellect even if this would allow him to have Skills of 6 or more.
(4) Patron – The patron may be very wealthy or influential and can certainly help the character. The patron could be a noble, an industrialist backed by a large corporation, a ranking member of Her Majesty’s government, or the dean of an important medical school. While the patron can unquestionably be useful to the character, such an individual can be very hard to reach.
(2) Private Anatomy Theatre – The character owns or has access to a private, fully supplied anatomy theatre. The character must spend time and money maintaining his anatomy theatre or it will fall into disrepair. Maintenance may include periodically purchasing corpses from vendors, lawful and otherwise. The player and the Narrator should determine the specifics of the character’s anatomy theatre prior to the start of the game.
(4) Private Library – The character possesses a small general purpose library covering a wide range of topics. He owns the classics as well as prominent textbooks and scientific journals.
When performing research, a character with access to the library gains +2 on his Intellect – Research or Skill rolls.
(1) Savings – Extra £5 at start per rank of quality purchased; can be used to spend on extra items or kept as savings
(3) Trusted Servant – The character has a trusted servant in his employ. The servant is loyal to a fault and will do anything for his master. The servant will accompany the character anywhere and see to his needs, prepare his food, carry messages, and perform other services. The exact details of the servant’s background should be determined by the player and Narrator before the game begins. Only a character with Wealth 6 or more can take this Quality.
(3) Long Lived – The character has an unnaturally long lifespan and may live to be two hundred or more. This lifespan could be due to extremely good health, anti-agapic drugs, or through another supermundane agent. Long-lived characters seldom look their age. A long-lived man of a hundred and fifty years may not look a day over fifty. Half-lifers and characters with the Gigantism Quality or Accelerated Decrepitude Impediment cannot take Long Lived.
(1) Love – The character’s lover is poor and unskilled, but honest. The lover can offer little in the way of financial support but will do anything to protect or help the character.
(4) Melancholy – The character suffers from protracted bouts of depression and may appear sullen and morose for days or weeks at a time. In the past, the character has been driven to desperate acts by loneliness or failed love affairs. Alcohol or drug addiction may further intensify melancholy. Whenever left alone or confronted with failure, the character must make a Will roll (DR 14). If he succeeds, nothing happens. If the roll fails, the character suffers −2 on all Skill rolls for the next twenty-four hours. If the character rolls a critical failure, he will take his own life.
(3) Malignant – The character begins with 1 additional point of Corruption that can be put in any path. If the character begins with 1 point in two separate paths, his controlling player must select an Affliction for each. Remember that some character, such as half lifers, can not
develop Physical Corruption.
(4) Nemesis – The character has crossed the wrong man. His nemesis is not only rich and powerful but also ruthless. The character must constantly look over his shoulder for his enemy’s agents. Though his nemesis may not wish him physical harm, he certainly keeps careful tabs on the character’s whereabouts and is not above tipping off the character’s other enemies or the police if the character steps out of line. If the character finds himself in a helpless position, his nemesis is certain to capitalize on the situation. The key difference between this enemy and the one above is that this nemesis is willing to circumvent the law in the name of vengeance.
(3) Prosthetic: Oraculum – The character lost an eye and had it replaced with an oraculum
(see pages 211 – 212). Before the start of the game, the player and Narrator should determine the details of how the character lost his eye and paid for the oraculum.
(2) Secret – The character possesses a dark secret that would destroy his life if it were revealed. For example, the character may have been an anarchist or embezzled a vast sum of money from a firm he works for, or he may harbour a family secret that has haunted him since childhood. Whatever the nature of his secret, the character must go to great lengths to protect it. Should the character’s secret be revealed, the resulting scandal will irrevocably alter his life for the worse. The player and the Narrator should determine the character’s
secret before the start of the game. If the character’s secret gets out, it should ruin some aspect of his life. His Wealth may be reduced by 3 or more ranks, or he may go to prison, lose Qualities, automatically fail Charm rolls, or suffer in some other way.
(1) Allergy: Dust – The character suffers a mild allergic reaction to certain stimuli. When exposed to dust or pollen, for example, his eyes may redden and he may sneeze. Aside from
the discomfort, an allergy at this level is generally harmless, assuming the character does not have a pressing need to remain quiet. If the character selects a food allergen, his skin painfully reddens and swells whenever he ingests a specific food.
(2) Mental Disorder: OCD – The character is plagued by recurrent thoughts and behaviors.
He will become trapped by obsessive thoughts. He may, for example, continually focus on fears that harm will come to him or to those he loves or worry constantly about performing every action perfectly. Compulsive behaviour often accompanies these obsessive thought patterns. The character may wash his hands, check the lock on the door, or repeat a certain phrase every few minutes. In some cases, these repetitive behaviours may develop into complex rituals that grant some relief to the constant anxiety felt by the obsessive compulsive. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is a Mental Disorder that requires care in roleplaying. The player needs to constantly keep his character’s disorder in mind, creating not only a daily routine of rituals for the character but also the internal logic behind the
rituals. Anytime the character’s daily routine is disturbed or his rituals rushed or skipped, he must make a control check. If the roll succeeds, the character is able to reign in his agitation. If the roll fails, the character suffers −1 on Skill rolls for d10 hours or until he can go back and complete his routine.
As a 2 point Impediment, this is a Minor Mental Disorder. Minor Mental Disorders are largely nervous conditions that can be kept under control. Even at their worst, the character can generally remain functional. A minor Mental Disorder should only be triggered once every couple of game sessions.
(2) Defect – Ring and Pinky finger of left hand are partially fused. The hand is still useful and dexterous, but it can be unsettling to see.
Leather Combat Corset – 1 Armor to Chest
Gas Mask – +1 Armor to Head
Schreck-Hutter Syringe Gun – Skill: Rifle; Ammo: 10; Maximum Range: 1800ft; Damage: +5
w/ Telescopic Sight: +500ft to max range
Features: on Flesh Wound syringe injects a dose of Alchemical solution into target; Armor has double value against hits from this gun; if character has loaded magazine, 1 action to load; After 20 shots, air tank must be replaced, requires new tank and 3 turns; can benefit from Telescopic Sight
Revolver – Skill: Pistols; Ammo: 6 (18s); Maximum Range: 200ft; Damage +5
Other Gear
Rubber Parasol w/ Floor Length Veil
Top Hat
Neck Corset
Private Office equipped w/ Telephone, Typewriter, High Quality paper, and a set of Pencils
Crate of Redacted Notes
Alchemical Solutions:
1 bottle of Ether sedative, inhalant (10 doses)
Hyocene – sedative, injected (5 doses)
Maiden’s Heart – healing, injected (4 doses)
Stitch – healing, injected (7 doses)
Psi-Inhibitor – Psychic specific sedative/etc, injected (4 doses)
Thrope Tranquilizer – Thrope specific sedative, injected (1 dose)
Repose – sedative, injected (5)
Thiopetone Sodium – sedative, injected (2 doses)
|Small tattoo on right ankle: Scroll work butterfly with the Initials A.T. hidden within



Name: Helen Elizabeth Faucet
Age: 24
Birthday: 1st January, 2081
Height: 157 cm (5’2)
Weight: 7 1/2 Stone (105 lbs)
Eye Color: Bright, stunning blue (one eye, only)
Hair Color: Naturally honey blonde in color, though she is prone to dying it (often with henna, though rarely some fascinating unnatural shade)
currently it is natural
Distinguishing Marks: Left ring and little fingers are fused at first joint; Oraculum replaces right eye; faint burn scarring on right side of face around the eye, neck, and shoulder
Education: Primary School to 6th Form: Westminster School; College: Royal College of Physicians; University: Oxford
Profession: Doctor and Medical Researcher for the Government
Home: Gossamer Home

“Yes it hurts like Hell I’m gonna do it anyway, it’s just the way that I was made.” – Vermilion Lies, Hurts Like Hell
“You cannot imagine the strange colorless delight of these intellectual desires.” – HG Wells, Island of Dr Moreau
“How dangerous is the acquirement of knowledge and how much happier that man is who believes his native town to be the world, than he who aspires to be greater than his nature will allow.” – Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

She has no memory of her birth parents, nor of anything before the fire. The fire, though, she remembers it quite clearly. If pressed for her earliest memories, she has only jumbles of memories with no clear sense of the time or order in which they happened. She remembers clean gloved hands, reaching down to her from above, while she floated? lay curled up in the darkness; a piercing scream of pain and horror, and an explosion. so loud and strong it seemed to rip the very world its self apart; a pair of brilliant blue eyes looking at her from above a mask; the smell of lavender soap and ambergris and alchemical solutions something, familiar and yet alien; screams for help as large hands reached down into the smoldering wreckage and lifted her up into the night; bare feet on the cobblestones and her thumb in her mouth; screams for help in the night; the big man in the strange black clothes deathwatch uniform picking her up and wrapping a blanket around her…
Sometimes at night, not so very often now that she is older and the memory has faded, she awakens in the dead of night. In her mind, quite clearly, she hears the sounds of the screaming and over it all, a deep masculine laugh; her eyes and lungs burning from the smell and the sting of smoke and fire…

She was taken after the fire, to an orphanage. They put her age only two years old, maybe. She was a pretty thing, if a little small and slightly disfigured, possessed of a keen mind and rapier wit. Even with her disadvantages, she was in the orphanage less than a year before a well-to-do family adopted her. Upon her adoption she was given the name Hellen (after her Father’s Mother) Elizabeth (her Mother’s Mother) Faucet. As with most children from the Orphanage, her birthday is given as January 1st.

Precocious and eager to learn, she quickly won their hearts. But her disfigured eye was somewhat, unsettling. Her parents managed to arrange an excellent deal with a doctor and his assistant, though the Oraculum was almost as unsettling as the scar from her missing eye. She learned to keep it covered, so that others would not find it so troubling.

At the age of nine, she was given her own servant, a young girl named Ella, only a few years older than she. Ella has been her most loyal and faithful servant, almost (though not quite) a friend. She went away with Helen to college, and then further still to her internship. Now, she lives with Helen at Gossamer Home in Kensington, and has the prestige of being the chief of staff (though there are only four others {two Maids, a cook, and a Butler/Driver}). Her daughter, Bridgette, who just turned 15, lives with them as well and recently joined the staff as one of the two maids.

Her other close friend is one she must keep to herself. Only Ella knows of him, but she is so loyal she has said nothing. Frederic Trimble and his wife, Lucretia, used to be friends of her parents. Their son, Allen Arthur, taught her shoot and would tease her about being so studious. For ten years they spent several days a week playing while their parents engaged in the social duties required of the upper classes.
When it was later revealed Frederic and Lucretia not only had lurid and salacious sexual proclivities, but that several of their lovers had been found dead, the family was disgraced. Though no charges were ever brought against the Trimbles, they became paupers and were shunned by the upper class.
Though she was forbidden, by both the society in which she lived and her parents, to ever speak to him to again, she still maintained contact with Allen. It was not long before the friendship became something more, as is wont to happen with teenagers. It is fortuitous that she managed to afford her own home, as he is able to use the Servant’s entrance during his coal deliveries to visit her without causing a scandal. When she graduated from college she had his initials tattooed on her ankle, cleverly hidden within scroll work forming a butterfly’s wings.

Hellen’s father raised her to follow in his family’s footsteps, joining the ranks of the medical and scientific professions. It is a legacy in the Faucet family, with not only her father but her grandfather and great uncle preceding her in the medical world. She excelled in her studies, and was always at or near the top of her class. Her greatest competition in this endeavor was Archibald Reginald Thaddeus McIntire III. The two spent most of their collegiate years one upping each other. Though he had a little more social standing than she, she had the upper hand in brain and skill. Archibald has been a constant thorn in her side, even after their graduation.
After her Grandfather’s death, his good friend Dr Eugene Hartfeld took an interest in her studies and well-being, saying he wished only to fulfill his promise to his friend. With his guidance she was able to navigate the turbulent waters of University life, and to avoid several minor scandals instigated by Archibald. During her school days, he was a source of guidance and wisdom, which she found invaluable.
Upon her graduation he encouraged her to choose only the best institute at which to understudy. She spent only a scant year and half interning with some of the brightest minds in her chosen field. During her internship, she did not have much contact with her mentor, though they wrote each other often.
Towards the end of her internship, her mentor paid her a visit. They spoke candidly for several hours, about her interests in the medical field, about her talents and abilities. But they also spoke about her secret yearnings, about the what she TRULY wanted to do with her craft. It was with great timidity and reluctance that she finally revealed her true desires in the medical profession.
At the end of their conversation, he told her about a friend who was offering a position at his lab that came with a lucrative Government contract. She would be fully funded, with access to all of the best medical and scientific equipment. But, more importantly, she would have the legal backing to begin her experiments, with little fear of repercussions. She immediately applied and was astonished that her application was accepted within a matter of only a few days. Though this is her greatest achievement, and the one of which she is most proud, it is also her greatest secret and shame. The government has given her permission to carry out experiments into the forbidden field of genetic manipulations. Anathemas. She hopes to one day create a perfect specimen, pure, un-taintable and the picture of physical and mental perfection.
Her parents, who had precious little knowledge about what she actually would doing, were thrilled with the prestige their only child had claimed for herself. They threw several lavish parties in Helen’s honor, and invited the best of the best to attend. They even spoke about hosting a few singles get-togethers, ostensibly with the intention of finding a suitable suitor for their daughter.
This joyful period would be short lived however, as within months of the start of Helen’s career in the medical research field, she was hit with a crisis at home. Her father and mother were caught in a terrible explosion at his own lab. Her father perished within days, finally succumbing to the wounds he had suffered. Her mother lingered on, though her mind is mostly gone, remaining in a coma all this time. Following her father’s wishes as stated in his will, Helen spared no expense in hiring the very best of the medical world to monitor her mother’s condition. They also used her father’s research to build a suspension chamber for her mother. This chamber keeps her in a semblance of suspended animation until her doctors can find a way to save her.

Even with all of the wonderful things that have happened in her life, she clearly has suffered. Perhaps it is these tragedies, or perhaps it is merely coincidence, but whatever the cause she suffers from an intense melancholy. Helen is prone to bouts of depression that can last hours or days at a time. Though they were at one point infrequent at best, she has lately found they are more common.

Helen has also noticed of late, that things do not seem to hold her attention like they once did. She gets bored quite easily, and must find new ways of entertaining herself, both physically and mentally. Even her dear love, Allen, is not fascinating her as he once did and as such has found himself engaging in ever more bizarre and degrading sexual exploits.

Though she is a creature of order and habit, her OCD is not nearly so evident in her day to day life outside of her lab. At her home, or in polite society, she has only a few little quirks (such as tapping a door handle with her finger three times before turning, or arranging her place settings just so before dishing the food) and prefers things in threes, but most of these things are easily overlooked.
Step with her into her medical labs, however, and the disease is quite apparent. Her implements MUST be cleaned and laid out to exacting specifications. Every thing has a place, and each item MUST be in its placed. Her hands must be washed, scrubbed, and rinsed three times, BEFORE her nails are cleaned and trimmed; after trimming, they are washed, scrubbed and rinsed three more times. She is then gloved by her assistant, before stepping into her lab. Any procedures are checked three times for accuracy before proceeding.
Perhaps the only habit she has that is not fastidious is her tendency to get lost in the anatomy of a patient. She can stare transfixed for hours at a dissected corpse or living body, simply studying all the parts that make a human work.

Helen Elizabeth Faucit

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