Mortimyr O'Grady

Irish Undertaker of Family Legacy


Name: Mortimyr O’Grady. Calling: Undertaker. Age:20. Wealth: 3

Vitality: 3
Coordination: 3
Wit: 3
Intellect: 3
Charm: 2
Will: 3
Prowess: 6. Actions: 2

Desire: 0
Drive: 1 (Killer Instinct)

Savings (5)
Reputation: Street
Strong Man

Fits; Lesser
Evil Eye: Milky Left Eye
Thick Accent: Irish Brogue
Defect: Wolf-like Eyes
Night Terrors
Plague Kissed

Familiarity: Animate – An Undertaker never makes a Will – Fear roll due to being in the presence of an animate.

Monster Hunter – Undertakers routinely face the most dangerous horrors known to man. Along the way, they accumulate a vast amount of knowledge about their supernatural enemies from a combination of experience and research. For each level of the Survival Skill the Undertaker possesses, he may take one of the following Stunts.

• Broad Shoulders: The character is exceptionally strong and determined. He is able to act at peak physical performance levels even while encumbered. As a result, the character’s Coordination is never reduced due to the amount of armour he is wearing
• Deadeye: The Undertaker’s trained eyes can recognize the undead on sight, regardless of distance. Animates are fairly easy to pick out among the lurkers and lepers on the street, but identifying vampires is slightly more difficult. The Undertaker can re-roll failed Wit – Perception rolls to identify zombies, vampires, and ghouls. A failed roll can be re-rolled only once due to Deadeye.
• Lore Master: The Undertaker is exceptionally well versed in the lore of the monsters he hunts. He can re-roll failed Parapsychology rolls pertaining to supernormal creatures. A failed roll can be re-rolled only once due to Lore Master.
• Tough – Undertakers are notoriously hard to kill. Regularly pitting their talents against the abominations of the Neo-Victorian world, those Undertakers who live long enough have learned to keep moving even after sustaining injuries that would fell a lesser man. The Undertaker does not suffer penalties to his Skill
rolls, Coordination, or Prowess from Serious Wounds. When an Undertaker suffers an Incapacitating Wound, he automatically remains conscious.
• Bullet to the Brain: The character has extensively trained to shoot at a target’s head, the surest means of destroying a zombie. As a result of the repeated shooting drills targeting
this area, the character does not suffer an attack roll modifier when making a ranged attack with a firearm targeting the head location.

Survival: 5
Tracking: 3
Parapsychology: 3
Shadow: 2
Lick Picking: 2
Streetwise: 2
Etiquette: 1
Interrogation: 1
Concentration: 2

Melee Weapon: 3
*Free Parry
*Fast Draw

Pistol: 3
*Fast Draw
*Lucky Shot
*Two-Weapon Fighting

Rifle: 3
*Fast Aim
*Lucky Shot
*Pistol Whip

Unarmed Combat
*Free Dodge

  • Clap the Braces

Mag Witch Gravedigger. Dam.12/Range 100’/Ammo 5/Reload 1 shell per action.
Schreck-Hutter RequieterDam.
6/Range 130’/Ammo 10/Reload 1 action w/ clip.
Westgate Executioner
6/Range 275’/Ammo 10/Reload 1 action w/ clip.
Westgate Firebrand: Damage by Shell/600’/1/5s/15s/£1+/1 action reload

40x 10 ga. slugs
42x high calibre hand gun rounds; 4x Spare Clips 1x Clip loaded (Executioner)
10x reinforced stake projectiles; 1x Spare Clips 1x Clip loaded (Requieter)
lock picks, animate restraints, piercing irons, Dust kit, Compass, Map of London,
canvas back pack, vampire hunters kit, Brass Respirator W/ 10 replacement filters, Bowler hat, Goggles-Photo reactive, Electric torch, Pocket watch-silver, Leather Boots, Field Binoculars, traveling bag for Animate heads. 4 Flair shells, 5 Net shells

(£)15 , (s)11, (d)0.

Bounties are based on each creature eliminated. An
Undertaker who brings in “living” specimens, ones
that have not been destroyed, can expect to receive
five times the normal bounty. The OUD remands
such specimens to the care of research facilities as
test subjects.
Animate: 5s
Vampire: £10
Thrope: £12
Bounties on more unique creatures are paid case
by case. OUD office chiefs have broad discretion
ary powers to compensate Undertakers according
to their assessment of the threat represented by a
given abomination.


Born to a previous generation Irish Undertakers living in London, and hailing from Spitalfields district. Taught from childhood to just a few years ago when his Father
Colm Past away form health complications at the age of 45. Imparted with years of training in the ‘family’ business and his fathers journal Mortimyr started Undertaking
at 17. Making a name for himself as an Undertaker who would handle as many bounties as the OUD would allow a burgeoning Undertaker of his age. Mortimyr has gone out into the plague-lands on few occasion and has been fortunate enough to return each time. He even uses his families favoured fighting style of sword and pistol.

Mortimyr O'Grady

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