Zadie Lillian Smithe

Zadie...yeah...that's her


Calling: Dhampir Vampire Hunter

Vitality 4
Coordination 3
Wit 3
Intellect 2
Charm 2
Will 3
Prowess 5
Actions 2
Immune -
Hedonist 1
Melee Weapons 3
*Preferred Weapon: Long Sword
*Free Parry
*Fast Draw
Unarmed Combat 3
*Foot Work
*Free Dodge
Concentration 4
Etiquette 3
Language 3
Ride 2
Seduction 3
Survival 2
Rifle 2
* Preferred Weapon: Crossbow
* Night Fighter
Acting 1
Shadow 1

Wealth: 4

Features: Alien Grace, Blood Drinker, Half Lifer, Hatred of Vampires, Heighten vision Immune to Vampiric Mind Control, Sense Undead, Unnatural Passions, Vampiric, Transformation, Blood Legacy, Dustman, Immortal, Paragon of Inhumanity, Secrets of Blood

Qualities:Haunting Beauty (5), Safe House (4), Linguist (2), Synaesthesia (3), Resolve

Impediments:Infectious Bite (3), Sadist (2), Night Terrors (2), Debt (3), Defects (2):cold to the touch, eyes are blood red-coloured and they reflect light like a cat’s.

Armor:Combat Corset, Leather, Gauntlets, Leather Boots, Leather, Reinforced Leggings, Leather belt, leather Coat, Plain (Heavy), Fedora (2), Respirator,

Sword 3 +4 - - - N/A
CrossBow 2 +7 400 Dozen wooden bolts, 2s Dozen wooden bolts, 2s Loading a crossbow takes 1 action

Other Gear: Quiver, Vampire Hunter’s Kit, Standard, Plain Dresses (2), Fancy Shirt, Dress Pants, Heeled boots (Fancy)
Gas Mask


Name: Zadie Lillian Smithe
Race: Dhampir
Age: 22
Height: 6 ft. 0 in.
Weight: 120 lbs.
Calling: Vampire Hunter

Description: She has long obsidian black hair, she is tall and slender and very svelte, her skin is pale that is cold to the touch, and her eyes are a blood red-colored and reflect the light like a cat’s. She move with an inhuman grace that people find enchanting. She wears black leather britches, black leather corsets, a black fedora and a black long coat and around her neck she wears a black leather and gold choker with a gold heart locket that hold a picture of her brother Lucas
Side Note: Zadie is nothing like other Dhampir’s thanks to her father she has inherited his longer life span and her bite is just like a vampires it can turn someone if she is not careful.

Background: (Note Ideas) her mother LillianLillian.jpg who was a young woman of low status fell in love with a well to do gentleman, not knowing what he was she would see him often thinking the gentleman was in love with her she willingly laid with him becoming heavy with his offspring.
The gentleman called Luther, Lord Luther Lord_Luther.jpg a well to do vampire was out on one of his nights when he saw Lillian walking amongst the flowers of the market he felt his heart jump for the first time in centuries, so knowing that this was the one to have his children he wooed her and made her fall in love with him until she finally gave herself to him but what he had not expected was for himself to fall in love with her too.
The day Lillian was to give birth to Lord Luther’s children a feral was running ramped in the town and she was attacked by it, she was rushed to the hospital for an emergency birthing because she was dying she gave Lord Luther’s name and he was summoned to her side knowing his love would soon be living the world of the living he reveled what he was to her and offered her life eternal, she agreed
Luther and Lillian left the hospital and leaving the twins children to a good friend of Lillian’s named Sadie and her husband Walter Smithe Walter_and_Sadie.jpgand they would watch their young grow from afar
Sadie and Walter raised the twins as if they were their own but Sadie showed pictures of their mother to them, and telling them how beautiful and how smart she was and she loved them very much but she had to leave this world because her gods called her home, they named the children Zadie Lillian Smithe and Lucas Allen Smithe
As the children grow Sadie and Walter know that the children would be different because they both had been born with different colored eyes, but they were not ready for what they had become on their sixteenth birthdays were the children’s skin began to take on a paler tone
The years went by and they watched as a feral vampire kill their adopted mother and father late one summer’s evening Zadie and her twin brother took on jobs as vampire hunters, Lucas Lucas_Allen_Smithe.jpghad a normal time at life but Zadie had a hard time after her first job with her brother she thought it was time so celebrate with someone who wasn’t her brother she found herself a cute hunter and that’s when her passion over took her and her hedonist came out, the young man was enjoying himself until Zadie lost control and bit his neck, her brother came in as they laid there he saw what Zadie had done the boy wasn’t breathing but what made her brother worried was that the boy was turning quickly pulling his sister away right as the young man turned into a feral vampire, Zadie was struck dumb she had done that she turned him into that but her brother had done it before and no one had ever turned tears rolled down her face as her brother fought the monster and killed it.
After that Zadie would only feed from her brother since he was immune to the vampire plague of course those feedings led to heated play between the two of them.
Months later they had taken a bounty on the vampire infested side of town the two of them had to deal with some feral vampires as Zadie and Lucas were killing them left and right Lucas was attacked badly to the point he was bleeding out, Zadie killed one of the last fowl creature and then she ran to her brother but it was too late he had bleed out so much that having him feed was not going to save him tears flowed from her eyes “Zadie,” Lucas whispered, “Kill me.” Crying harder she know she has to keep her promise to him she had to kill him and with one last kiss to her brothers head she whispered to him “I will always love you.” And with one well aimed swing she cut off her brother’s head saving him from a fate worst then death
From that day on Zadie keep people as far away from herself as best she could not wanting to lose more people that she might come to care for that’s why she hunts alone, lives alone and stays alone…everything she loves or touches dies her Mother and father, her first love, and her only sibling.

Zadie Lillian Smithe

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