There is a sun, you are sure of it…

You can even feel it on occasion, but it is so weak and faltering. The smogs and corruption of this world block it out. Yet with it is the hope of a better day. The heavy brass of your respirator is the only thing between you and an anguished, choking death. They say that London has been “Reclaimed”… but tell that to the hundreds or more who die each year from pollution, violence and plagues.

This small group will fight and struggle… but will they survive? Only time will tell.


My games tend to be more mature than most, and Unhallowed Metropolis is more mature than your average game. Be warned there will be mention, description, and the occasional image that will reference, use, and/or describe graphic themes such as gore, violence and sexual themes. Continue at your own risk.

Into the Smog

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