Game Mechanics - Intellect


A character’s Intellect is a measure of his raw intelligence. Intellect is a gauge of a character’s cognitive resources, ability to learn and discover, and capability to retain information. Intellect is used when drawing conclusions or assimilating data.

• Intellect determines the character’s general knowledge.

• Intellect helps to determine the character’s success while researching information.

• Intellect limits Academic Skills. A character cannot have an Academic Skill higher than his Intellect Attribute.

Intellect – General Knowledge

The human mind is capable of retaining tremendous amounts of information. General knowledge includes, but is not limited to, information the character has learned throughout his life, the knowledge of the area in which he lives and its inhabitants, and his knowledge of current events.

Whenever a player or the Narrator is uncertain of whether a character knows a certain piece of information, the player should make an Intellect roll. The Narrator determines what constitutes general knowledge and what requires a specific Skill roll.

A Narrator determining the DR for an Intellect roll to determine general knowledge should take into account the obscurity of the subject, the character’s familiarity with the subject, and the character’s background.

A successful roll will provide some information on the topic while a failed roll will provide no information or a misremembrance of the information.

Intellect – Research

A character’s Intellect determines his ability to find sought-after information when rifling through documents or old books. When determining the DR for a research-based Intellect roll, the Narrator should consider the obscurity of the information sought, the quality and relevance of the character’s reference material, the character’s familiarity with the subject, and the amount of time the character has to spend researching.

Often, a successful roll will only provide a piece of the desired information, and the character will be forced to conduct further investigation at a later date. A failure provides either no information or misleading information.

Game Mechanics - Intellect

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