Game Mechanics - Skills


Skills represent the character’s abilities, areas of expertise, and fields of study. The higher the character’s Skill level, the greater is his proficiency. Skills may be used in a wide variety of ways, and each Skill below includes some suggested uses as well as sample DRs for various Skill rolls. It would be impossible to list all possible uses for Skills, so this is an area where the players and Narrator should be creative. The Narrator sets the DR for all Skill rolls.

Increasing a skill by 1 level costs 2 Experience Points x the current level.

Though most characters cannot have Skills beyond rank 5, a character that has attained rank 5 in a Combat Skill can spend experience points to purchase new Stunts pertaining to that Skill.

Purchasing a new Stunt after attaining rank 5 costs 5 experience points.

Game Mechanics - Skills

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