Game Mechanics - Wit


Wit gauges the character’s perception and mental reaction time. This Attribute describes the speed at which the character thinks and his ability to piece together information, respond in verbal duels, and assess a situation. A character with a keen wit is observant
and calculating.

• Wit determines the sharpness of a character’s senses.

• Wit determines the character’s capacity to spot clues and make observations.

• Wit helps to determine the character’s Prowess in combat.

Wit – Perception

A character’s Wit determines his ability to spot hidden or obscured objects, details, nuances, and clues. The character may make a Wit roll to locate an object hidden in a room, to notice a peculiar detail in an individual’s appearance or mannerisms, or to spot an assassin lying in wait. A Narrator will often call for a Wit roll without disclosing the reason for the roll unless the character succeeds.

The Narrator determines the DR for perception-based Wit rolls, taking into account such details as the environmental conditions around the character, how obvious the clues the character may notice are, and whether the character knows what he is looking for. It is much easier to locate a particular large object in the middle of a well-lit room than to notice dried bloodstains beneath a crate in a dark warehouse in the midst of an animate rampage when the only light source is sporadic galvanic fire pouring from the battlements overhead as the Deathwatch attempts to stem the zombie tide.

Spotting a Lurker in the Shadows

A character can also attempt to locate an individual who is using the Shadow Skill to conceal himself. In this case, the character attempting to spot a concealed individual makes a contested Wit roll against the obfuscated character’s Shadow Skill.

Game Mechanics - Wit

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